About the dugganBOX

The dugganBOX system can control every light on your set, stage, venue... Control lighting from the palm of your hand.


wireless mesh network = no transmission errors

The dugganBOX system creates a dual-band wireless mesh network over the entire set, like a fishing net. Each BOX creates its own DMX signal, so there are no transmission errors, and delivers this signal to multiple DMX enabled device.



Patented visualDMX display enables you to see what actual DMX values are being outputted. All 512 channels are represented on the top portion of the screen, while the lower bar graph represents each individual channel. Easily scroll back and forth across your channels with the left and right arrows or jump to a specific channel with the center channel button. This is not an ArtNet display, these are your actual DMX values.


Backup Battery System

All BOXes have a UPS backup system to ensure that all communication functions are uninterrupted in the case of input power loss. Each BOX has the ability to run the network & display for a least one hour when power is not being supplied to the BOX. This system is meant to 'keep the network up' in case of accidental kick-out, battery changes, or you simply want to move the BOX from one side of the set to the other. The UPS backup system does not run the LED dimmers, they are cut with power loss.

dBOX3.1-miniSOCO-connector (1).jpg


All new miniSOCO connection. With extension cables available in several lengths, the miniSOCO is the new way to move LED power around set.


Tegris Construction

Water resistant Tegris construction ensures wireless connectivity of all BOXes in the system.


DMX x 12!

Say goodbye to weak DMX signals and DMX echo. Each box output 12 fresh new DMX signals. Bad cables are now easy to find.

travels great distances

The dugganBOX MESH network enables the iPad controller to travel great distances, only limited by the number of remote BOXs. A typical system will consist of five boxes, but each box can be used as a stand-alone system.

dBOX3.1-miniSOCO-01 (1).jpg


Each BOX has a five or twelve channel built-in 30KHz LED dimmer, depending on configuration. The five channel LED dimmer model provides a robust 8 amps per channel, plenty of power for your LiteMats. The twelve channel LED dimmer model provides 5 amps per channel, plenty of channels for all your RGB needs.

dBOX3.1-iPad-charging (1).jpg

USB Charging

2.1amp dual USB charging ports on every BOX.  One for your iPad, one for your cell phone.

dBOX3.1-power-ABdual (1).jpg

AC/DC Powered

The BOX can be powered by AC, standard stinger inlet, or with Anton Bauer Gold Mount batteries. Dual AB plates allow you to make hot swappable battery changes mid-scene. With all 5 LED dimmer channels at full, the BOX will pull no more than 3 amps @ 120v. Runtime on battery power depends on the AB battery size, but a typical AB Dionic will run the BOX with LED dimmers at full for approximately one hour.