About LiteLINK

LiteLINK is a Los Angeles based limited liability company that is producing new and innovative products for the film and television industry. Our first product to market, the dugganBOX, stands to revolutionize the way light is controlled on set. The dugganBOX will be our first step in developing a new standard for on set communication. And in conjunction with this network, we will build new DMX controlled products for the entertainment business.


Keith Duggan

Keith James Duggan has been in the business of light since his high school theatre days. From his passion for light design arose his love of photography which has led him to lensing over 40 features including some classics as BachelorMan and I am in Love with a Church Girl.

To continue to expand his knowledge of light, Duggan was seeking a handheld solution for light control. He discovered and began working with Ryan Hisey of Synthe-FX to aid in the development of Luminair. From this and his continued desire to control light on set, he created a technology that has led to several patents for his work. The technology was so groundbreaking that is was featured in the May 2016 issues of ICG.

His latest design of the dugganBOX is the premiere product of LiteLINK.


Peter Isacksen

Peter Isacksen is one of the industry’s most highly regarded leaders and innovators in the burgeoning field of branded entertainment with over 400 webisodes under his belt.

Within the advertising community, Isacksen is well known for his work at Bert Berdis & Company (BB&C), the world’s largest radio commercial production company, where he was a Partner. During that time, he and Bert received over 200 major advertising awards with campaigns for clients such as Nike, Pepsi, FedEx, Gillette, American Express, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Sony.

Dennis-Turton-800x800 (1).jpg

Dennis Turton

Dennis joined the Air Force where he earned his degree in avionics and electronics. While in the service he worked with a reconnaissance squadron on RC-135 aircraft. After he left the service he continued to work with military airframes in the private sector updating, modifying, and installing systems such as autopilot, radar, defensive countermeasures, and cryptographic communications. These included the US Presidential fleet from Gulfstream aircraft carrying members of Congress, foreign dignitaries and the First Lady to Air Force Two which transports the US Vice President. Dennis transitioned from aircraft to the space industry where for over a decade he worked as an integration and test engineer, designing, building, and launching numerous satellites ranging from commercial communications, NASA contracted cargo resupply to the International Space Station, as well as US government satellites. Originally from Buffalo, NY, Dennis has come to Southern California and is helping to get LiteLINK recognized as the industry standard in lighting control.

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Software Team

Isotope Eleven, Inc. is an Alabama based software development and technology firm established in 2005. They have worked with a broad spectrum of clients ranging from Federal and State Agencies, to businesses of all sizes including Fortune 500 companies. They have completed projects in nearly all vertical markets including healthcare, finance, construction, insurance, travel - just to name a few. They have had the privilege of working with a substantial number of startups over the years and one of their most recent projects, Shipt, recently sold to Target for $550 Million dollars. They have had the unexpected honor of being named Technology Company of the Year by the Birmingham Business Alliance which serves as the Chamber of Commerce for the Greater Birmingham area.