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Introducing the dugganBOX system

Every set needs light. Every light needs control. The Electric department has always had power distribution, but now it’s time to think about wireless control distribution. The dugganBOX system assist you in taking control of all the lighting fixtures on your set, stage, or event.

Imagine the ability to control an entire universe of lighting at your fingertips. You will be able to control an array of SkyPanels with a single slider, focus dozens of moving lights seamlessly at center stage, or process the most advanced poor man’s lighting cues for the smallest independent film. dugganBOX does this for you.

No more expensive consoles, dimmer racks, or additional manpower is needed. Think of your dimmer rack exploding into several smaller dugganBOXs. Each fixture is connected to a BOX, each BOX wirelessly connects to the master dugganBOX, and the entire system wirelessly connects to your tablet or phone. And since you take your tablet or phone with you, you’ll always have access to your color pallets, fixture profiles, and scene settings. dugganBOX replaces your console and LED dimmers for a fraction of the cost. And with the increasing popularity of LED technology and Pixel technology, dugganBOX’s possibilities are endless! Rent the plug-n-play system and be up and running in minutes.


dugganBOX at work

After five years of continuous use on multiple sets, the dugganBOX system has proven itself again and again. See it at work.


The Master BOX

dugganBOX replaces your dimmers and your consoles for a fraction of the cost.


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Imagine the ability to control an entire universe of lighting at your fingertips


The team

Meet the team behind LiteLINK and the dugganBOX system.

Based in Los Angeles with decades of combined experience, Keith and Peter have combined their skills and background in lighting and branded entertainment to create an innovative system alongside the talents of software and technology firm Isotope Eleven, Inc.